Jumat, 15 Mei 2009

Kasih Buddha Sepanjang Masa

Kau yang teragung di dunia
Sang Bhagava yang mulia
Oh Sakyamuni Buddha...
Oh...kurasakan kasihmu
Rasakan cintamu
Damai menyentuh kalbu
Kasihmu yang tulus
Kini menerangi relung hatiku

Kau yang teragung di dunia
Sang Bhagava yang mulia
Oh sakyamuni Buddha...
Oh...ku takkan pernah berpaling
Dari jalan dhammamu
Ku kan slalu setia
Engkau yang teragung
Yang sangat kujunjung
Sampai kapanpun

Kasih Buddha spanjang masa
Cinta Buddha takkan sirna
Kasih Buddha slalu ada
Walau sampai akhir masa
Sepanjang hidupku
Sepanjang hayatku
Untuk slamanya....

Kamis, 23 April 2009

You're Not Alone

If you feel so lonely
Go on to your life
Go on to your life

If you feel unhappy
No body loves you
No one to love you

He loves you and that is true
Only Him beside you forever

You're not alone
You're not alone
You're not alone
He always be with you

You're not alone
You're not alone
You're not alone
He always be with you

Senin, 13 April 2009


When the sun sinking down
And the stars come shinning bright
And the light will follow soon enough....

That's the story had been said
Since the first folk teller told
And will always be the same again

We should always be uni...ted
And continuous telling Dhamma
So the truth will always be declared....

We vow....we will be faithfull
And together....we will face the dawn
We vow....we will be faithfull
So happiness will always in our heart....

Sabtu, 11 April 2009

Ik Jia Ren

Wo te khuai le
Lai ce ni te siau sen
El ni ru kuo liu lei
Wo hui pi ni ken sin theng
Wo the mung siang
Shi yau ni phei wo wan chen
El ni kei wo te ai
Rang wo yong chi pei cen

Yin wei wo men
She yi cia ren
Siang yi siangsin
Pi che tou kan en

Yin wei wo men
She yi cia ren
Fen tan fen siang
Pi che te ren sen

Buddha Has Touched My Life

When the morning sun appear for us
I look up at the sky so blue
The lotus flower is blooming
And happiness will be ours

How much Buddha has touched my life
The sun as bright as Dhamma
Its light just like a sun, never stop shining
Like we learning the Dhamma

How much Buddha has gave me spirit
Like the lotus blooming beauty
As Sangha for my reliable friend
Through each step of my life, Dhamma

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It's the joy I always feel
And the grace I always see
I vow that my body, my speech,
And my mind will be forever pure

Reason Behind Your Birth

There's a reason behind your birth
It's not by chance you're on earth
Who you are is how you have been
The law of karma tirelessly spins

Nature's law is perfect and just
With a cause, the effect is cast
Though in life, no one escapes pain
This sad human state, need not always remain

Break free from this cycle that binds
Leave your earthly selfish concern behind
Be a Buddha in your thought, deeds, and ways
And surely, you'll be in Pure Land one day

Look inside your heart, and you will find
A nature that is pure and kind
Let your heart be noble and true
Let your mind be calm and stable too

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Senin, 06 April 2009


Ehipassikko come and see you know
The teaching of peace the teaching of love
The teaching of the Buddha is for all
Who wants to be free for ever more

Don't just believe..investigate..
Do not simply accept what you hear or see
Not even if is it uttered by me

Don't just agree..you go to verify
When you know that is good
And it's praised by the wise
Then live up to it
The Raise of your life

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